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Accident Recovery Service in Manchester

Accident Recovery

Having a road traffic accident can often be a very traumatic experience. We want to help relieve the stress out of this situation as much as possible. We strongly advise you step away from the vehicle and make sure you are out of harms way from other traffic. If you are on the motorway, standing over the other side of the barrier or as far as you can get away from the hard shoulder is advised.

Depending on the circumstances and the severity of an accident, a number of different problems can occur when trying to load the vehicle onto a recovery truck. We primarily use 7.5 tonne tilt and slide trucks to handle damaged vehicles as they are better suited due to the bed being lowered to the ground. A beavertail truck does not have this capability with having ramps for loading.

The most common issue we come across is damaged steering racks when a kerb has been clipped or mounted at high speed. Trying to load a car with the front two wheels pointing different ways is not the easiest thing to do but our experienced team has had plenty of practice. We can safely load the vehicle onto one of our tilt and slide 7.5 tonne trucks without causing any further damage so repair costs will be kept at a minimum.

Roadside Recovery

Flat/busted tyres and collapsed suspension and wheel bearings are also common issues we see on a regular basis. In our 7.5 tonne trucks, we carry heavy duty 1000kg skateboard like wheeled frames that can act as temporary wheels whilst loading and unloading cars with collapsed/missing wheels.

We carry heavy duty tools so damaged vehicles with parts causing seizure can be forcefully moved as to load them on to one of our tilt and slide trucks.

So whether you are looking for breakdown recovery or vehicle transportation, give Manchester Recovery & Transport a call today on 0161 870 6535.